The LaFerrari is Ferrari's most ambitious project to date. It pushes the boundaries of technology further than has ever been seen in a road car and features the most advanced technical capabilities from both GT and Formula 1 race car engineering. The LaFerrari is also the first hybrid with 963 CV and only 499 LaFerrari's were built for lucky Ferrari customers. It features:
  • 6262CC V12 engine
  • Acceleration from 0-200 KM/H in less than 7 seconds
  • Max speed of over 350 KM/H
  • 7-speed DCT gearbox
  • Carbon Ceramic brakes
  • High performance anti blockage system/electronic brake balance
  • F1 electronic traction control
Interior Features
The all-new LaFerrari introduces an entirely new concept to the automotive world. It draws heavily on F1 design and F1 drivers were involved in its development in order to take it to a new level as a road vehicle. Ferrari's testing and inclusion of F1 drivers in the design process resulted in a functional cockpit that is track-inspired and carefully balances both tradition and modernity. 

The cabin was designed with ergonomics and comfort in mind. The driving position in the LaFerrari was one previously only seen in F1 racing cars. The driver seat is fixed, but both the steering wheel and the pedal box are adjustable so that each driver can customize it to their preferred position. 

In adjustable to being adjustable, the LaFerrari steering wheel features longer, more ergonomic gear-shift paddles and the buttons on the wheel have been moved to a sleep, suspended section of the wheel. All buttons on the steering wheel are arranged for better efficiency and easier use. 

Exterior Design
The exterior design of the LaFerrari is absolutely striking. Its silhouette and proportion are as sleek and elegant as they are unique and innovative, while also maintaining traditional Ferrari features. 

The LaFerrari has a downward-sloping nose and a low bonnet. Both of these features draw attention to the muscular wheelarches and the feeling of power and aggression that the LaFerrari exudes. 

The rest of the structure was designed with aerodynamics in mind. The LaFerrari's surfaces flow smoothly towards the rear and over the cockpit to provide excellent drag and the downforce characteristics required for better aerodynamics.  
The LaFerrari features a 6262cc V12 engine built for performance. The LaFerrari is the first production car to ever be equipped with an F1-derived hybrid solution and combines a powerful electric motor with the classic Ferrari V12 engine. It blends blistering performance and maximum efficiency to make it the most extreme performance ever seen in a Ferrari production car.

The 6262cc V12 engine produces an impressive 960+ CV of power and a maximum torque of over 900 Nm. It spins to a whopping 9250 RPM producing the classic, unmistakable Ferrari V12 purr. 

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