GTC4 Lusso

The all-new GTC4Lusso came together as a seamless combination of innovation, versatility, performance, sportiness and elegance. Its new 12-cylinder makes every journey a radically different experience, so you'll want to keep driving it everywhere and anywhere. It was truly designed to give drivers completely different emotions--of adventure combined with comfort--than they've ever experienced in a Ferrari vehicle. The GTC4Lusso, with its four seats and four-wheel drive, will ensure you have the experience of a lifetime. It features:
  • V12 Powertrain
  • Maximum Torque of 697 Nm @ 5,750 RPM
  • Maximum Power of 507 KW @ 8,000 RPM
  • Maximum Speed of 335 KM/H
  • 4RM EVO/4WS/7-Speed F1DCT/E-Diff Transmission/Gearbox
Interior Features
Our designers at Ferrari created an interior for the GTC4Lusso that is truly the pinnacle of sporty luxury. Its beautifully balanced Dual Cockpit architecture is designed to enhance the driving experience for both the driver and cockpit and is all-new to the Ferrari family. It features separate cockpits for both driver and passenger, split by a central divider with all of the comfort-oriented controls that both need.

The cabin also features a more compact steering wheel, new controls that are easier to get to, and an interior that is designed for ergonomics and ease of use. Careful attention was given to making the cabin more comfortable, so it features: softer armrests, command buttons that are within easy reach, easy-to-access storage compartments, and large wraparound seats.
Exterior Design
The GTC4Lusso has dynamically sculpted lines with a streamlined, tapered shape. It has a sporty soul, with Ferrari's signature twin rear lights on the tail and chiseled crease lines along the car's flanks. The GTC4Lusso is muscular and athletic, while still creating a sense of power and elegance. 

The front of the car features a large single grille that provides the necessary cooling it needs. Its rear has muscular shoulders that broaden the GTC4Lusso for greater power and performance. The styling and build of the vehicle guarantees exceptional space and comfort for all four occupants that are along for the ride.
The GTC4Lusso has a 6,262 CC V12 engine with a maximum power output of up to 690 CV at 8,000 RPM at full throttle. Maximum torque for the GTC4Lusso is 697 Nm at 5,750 RPM with 80% already available at just 1,750 RPM.

The sound of the engine reflects the car's multifaceted personality. It is rich and powerful in sporty driving situations. And has an all-encompassing harmonious purr for its soundtrack on city roads.

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