The new F12tdf is a special series from Ferrari and only 799 limited edition F12tdf's will be built. It was designed and built to pay homage to the legendary Tour De France and is the ultimate extreme road car. It's a combination of technical innovations and classic Ferrari DNA, as seen in the engine, aerodynamics and vehicle dynamics. Its performance is unparalleled and the experience of driving one is like no other. It features:
  • 6262CC 65degree V12 engine
  • Maximum power output from 740 CV to 780 CV at 8,500 RPM
  • Acceleration from 0-200km/h in just 7.9 seconds
  • Maximum torque of 705 Nm at 6.250 rpm
  • 7-speed F1 Dual-Clutch gearbox
  • Maximum speed of over 211 mph
Interior Features
The F12tdf's cabin was designed with to be sporty, with a distinctly Spartan cockpit. It features a wrap-around effect in the cockpit that hugs the driving position. This effect is intensified by the Ferrari designers' use of carbon-fiber housings for all of the interior instruments and satellite pods. 

The door compartments of the F12tdf's cabin were given an upgrade. They were pared back to a single carbon-fiber shell to create more space and add to the sleekness of the interior.

The Ferrari designers also chose to forgo the traditional leather interior, in favor of using Alcantara for all of the cabin trim and technical fabrics for the seats. They also chose to eliminate the usual floor mats and use a patterned aluminum instead. All of these design choices were made in an effort to save as much weight as possible. 
Exterior Design
The body of the F12tdf was radically redesigned to both reduce the car's overall weight and to make the vehicle as unique as possible. Ferrari's designers wanted to create a more upscale and sophisticated interaction between the sculptural features of the car and a more graphic treatment than has been used on similar models.

Carbon-fiber was used as abundantly possible in the redesign of the F12tdf. The newly redesigned Aerobridge's design was greatly enhanced by the use of carbon-fiber and looks better than ever.   
The F12tdf comes equipped with an all-new and completely redesigned naturally-aspirated V12 engine. The new engine ensures ultimate performance and power, with a boosted maximum power output of 780 cv at 8,500 RPM. The new F12tdf has a sporty response, as seen in its maximum torque of 705 Nm at 6,750 RPM. 

Ferrari's engineers made numerous modifications for the new F12tdf engine. They used race-inspired mechanical tappets that aren't generally seen in road vehicles. They also added variable-geometry intake trumpets to help boost volumetric efficiency at high revs, exactly like a Formula 1 racing car. 

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