The F12berlinetta is the most powerful and high performance of the Ferrari range product. It's the first in an all-new generation of 12-cylinder Ferraris and has proven to have an unprecedented power never before seen in its class. It has improved responsiveness and a strong pick-up, with better fuel consumption and emissions than past models. The F12berlinetta features: 
  • 200-bar, direct-injection 6262 cc 65degree V12 Engine
  • Naturally-aspirated 12-Cylinder
  • Maximum Power of 545 KW
  • 0-200KM/H acceleration in just 8.5 seconds
  • High-performance ABS/EBD
  • Maximum Speed of over 211 MPH
Interior Features
The cabin of the F12berlinetta is understated, but still has an air of sophistication. The Ferrari designers wanted to enhance the sportiness of the interior, while also increasing the efficiency of everything inside. They provided a sporty driving position that's just as comfortable as it is attractive and every detail of the cabin features hand-executed detailing.

The strongest feature of the F12berlinetta's cabin is the logical, ergonomic layout of the various functions within its cockpit. The architecture of the inside of the vehicle allows the driver to reach all of the controls they need without ever taking their hands off the steering wheel. Additionally, all of the information the driver needs is displayed directly ahead of them.

Exterior Design
The new F12berlinetta was designed to have a perfect combination of sportiness, elegance and maximum aerodynamic efficiency. It has the elegant proportions of the classic Ferrari front-engined V12 cars and the Ferrari designers and engineers worked together as a team to sculpt its surfaces so that they incorporate the car's many innovative aerodynamic solutions.

The F12berlinetta has an innovative new system of air flows that help make the vehicle truly unique. It also features low, sleek coupe lines and powerfully sculpted flanks. The lines of the flanks carefully curve and dip to channel the air flows from the bonnet as efficiently as possible.

The front of the F12berlinetta features an imposing grille that draws air into the engine bay to quickly cool the V12 engine. The 2 sides of the front grille work as electronically-controlled guide vanes which help cool the vehicle's brakes for optimal brake cooling.

The F12berlinetta features a 6262CC 65Degree V12 engine. It's 12-cylinders deliver unprecedented performance & revs for a naturally-aspirated engine. It has a maximum power of 740 CV at 8250 rpm and has a record specific power output of 118 CV/I, which has never been seeing with this kind of engine before.

Ferrari engineers really strived to improve the fuel consumption and emissions for the F12berlinetta. Their testing yielded the following results: 30% reduction to 151/100 km and 350 g/km of CO2. Due to this update, the F12berlinetta is now the benchmark for its reference segment.

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