California T

The all new Ferrari California T is the latest release from the popular line of California models, well-known for its elegance, sportiness, versatility and performance. It retains every essence of the Ferrari DNA, but with a modern touch never before seen in previous models. The California T is the perfect synthesis of innovation and technology. It is capable of razor sharp responsiveness, powerful acceleration at all speeds, and blistering performance with a truly exhilarating soundtrack and is backed by the latest turbo technology. The new model features:
  • 90 Degree V8 Engine with Fuel Direct Injection
  • Retractable Hard-Top
  • Maximum Power of 553 BHP @ 7500 RPM
  • Acceleration of 0-62 MPH in just 3.6 seconds
  • Maximum Speed of 196 MPH
  • CST with F1 TRAC System (control for stability and traction)
  • F1, Dual Clutch 7 Gears + Reverse
Interior Features
The interior of the new California T is a perfect combination of innovation, function and ergonomic comfort. It was designed with the driver in mind. Classic Ferrari styling is seen in the multi-functional steering wheel, the round air vents, the clear division between the dash and tunnel, and the signature F1 bridge. 

The cabin is elegantly crafted and ergonomically designed with sophisticated materials and intense attention to detail--all done in an effort to elevate the driving experience. 

The Turbo Performance Engineer has a digital display and touch-sensitive scroll, all discreetly located centrally between the interior's dual air vents. The California T also comes equipped with an all-new intuitive infotainment system, designed for easy use and navigation.
Exterior Design
The California T's exterior was designed to mimic classic Ferrari proportions. It has an air of aerodynamic sleekness and a beautiful visual fluidity to all of its external elements. 

The shape of its flanks are inspired by the 250 Testa Rossa, with its front wing stretching back towards the compact rear. It has a large front grill, that lends a sense of immense power. The California T has two vents to help dissipate heat from the turbo engine as quickly as possible. Its rear went through several rounds of aerodynamic testing to ensure perfection, and resulted in a new triple-fence diffuser. 

The California T has a completely new engine that combines instantaneous response to commands, blistering performance, impressive torque and the signature sound of a Ferrari. Along with all of those.... it also has the efficiency of a turbo. 

Its 3855 V8 engine punches out 560 CV, which is significantly higher than any other figure in its same category. It also reaches a maximum torque of 755 Nm in the 7th gear.

Ferrari engineers were able to virtually eliminate all turbo lag with the new California T engine. They cut masses and inertia in the vehicle by using an F1-derived flat-plane crankshaft and innovative new twin-scroll turbines. 

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